Hinduism – A spiritual walkthrough

Who is God? Why should we believe in God?


GOD is the meaning of spirituality.  People might ask who is God? why we should believe in God?

The answer which I can give is we might know our  fathers, fore fathers to some extent but beyond all who created first mankind on earth and all this living organism? When was it created?  to all this even the scientist can’t answer , I feel that spiritual person, creator is the almighty named God.


What is this Religion related to God and Why?


Religion is the belief of each person about their almighty who is the creator. Religion is broadly classifies to Hindu, Muslim, Christians , Buddhism and Jainism.

In which all the other religion has one name and believe one person as God but if u consider we believe each and everything as God. We are the ancient religion in this wide world.

We have sub caste as Brahmanas, Vaishnavas, Chaitriyas and Sudras, are the classifications according to their Profession. In each classification we have different division based on the God they believe and the place they where from.


Where did Hinduism start from?

India was earlier called as Hindustan where there where only one religion called Hinduism. We were classified on those days based on the place we lived.

We believe in three god , Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma the God who does creation in this world, Vishnu the God who is the savior of the created Life ,  Shiva the God who destructs the life after its lifetime.


Shiva is the lord whose has ganga in his head and does yoga  in Kailash hills , so the people in nearby area of kasi where the ganga flows follows Shiva.


Vishnu is the lord who has taken lot of avatars to save people from bad . The avatars of Vishnu the savior are macham  – avatar of fish, Kurmam – avatar of crab, varagam – avatar of pig , narasimam – avatar of half lion and half human , vamanam- avatar of a forester in form of saint, parasuramar – the warrior, ramar – the king , balaramar , Krishna, kalki .  The order of this avatar itself says that how the earth would have been created , first comes the water and water creature , then comes the crab which lives in both land and water, followed by pig which is the land creature , then is the lion and human evolution , followed by the ancient human forester life, then comes the warrior evolution to fight against forest animals and create a colony , then comes the king of the colony and goes on. Where as the kalki avatar is yet to happen says some saint after which the earth will vanish whereas some believe the kalki avatar is the form of humans like saints like Buddha whose preaching will save the rest of the universe.

But the places where the  avatars takes place the people follow Vishnu God in that form. For ex. Ayodhya the bith place of Rama has temples of Rama and follow Ramar god.


Brahma – Who is the God of Creation doesn’t have any temples due to the Curse given by Lord shiva.

Incident of Why Lord Brahma has no temples?

That incident was once lord Vishnu and brahma attempted to look for the head and the tail of lord shiva. Lord shiva who is also a form of agni (fire due to which the we destruct the human body in fire) took a form of fire and extended his fire from heaven to hell. Brahma went to search for Lord shivas tail whereas the Vishnu went to search for Lord Shiva’s head since both failed to find head and tail since how much higher or deeper they went Lord shiva extended his form . So Lord Shiva cursed them in such a way that Brahma will not have a form in which people can worship him whereas Vishnu will not wear a huge scented flower called Thazhambu on his head .


Apart from these great three god we have other goddesses the better half of them, like

Parvathi – Wife of Lord Shiva, She is the birth Place of Power and Strength .

Lakshmi – The Wife of Lord Vishnu, She is the birth place of Wealth

Saraswathi – Wife of Lord Brahma, She is the birth place of Knowledge and Wisdom


By knowing this I truly believe that God the Creator is their in every Life is all forms of deeds .

Apart from these God and Goddess they took various forms of other gods to save other life from bad people.


Ganesh – The first Worshipped God in any temple , he is the elder son of Lord Shiva

Muruga – The second Son of Lord Shiva , Who is also the son brought out by 6 stars called as Kartigai Pengal

Ayyappan – The Third Son of Lord Shiva whereas his mother is Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini.

Hanuman – The personal devotee of lord rama , who is in the form of monkey and blessed by rama for being such a great devotee.

All these god where the combines power of the God and Goddess together to fight the Evil.


Wheareas the Goddess Durga devi is the combined power of three goddess to fight against evil


These other forms of god where formed to fight against evil people who take god for granted and move away from moral values of life and hurt people. To kill those evl people and save other lifes and the world from them god took these avatars.


In Hinduism we believe God is everywhere in this world,  Who serve us day and night to save us from evil.


Sun – Surya the Sun God.

Moon – Chandran the Moon God.

Air – Vayu the God of Air

Fire – Agni the God of Fire

Earth – Bhooma devi the God of Earth

we have nava(nine) other god who serve us daily

nayiru -sunday – Sun God

Thingal – Monday – moon God

Sevvai – Tuesday –  Sevvai bhagavan

Bhuda- Wednesday – bhuda bhagavan

Viyazhan – Thursday – Guru bhagavan

Velli – Friday – Velli bhagavan

Sani – Saturday – Sani bhagavan

Raghu , Gethu   – Two parts of the day Raghu kalam









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