Poojas & Vratas

Poojas and Vratas are integral part of Hindu Worship method.

Poojas are the one to praise the lord, think about that God .



Poojas can be done Daily, it cam be a simple one like telling sloka and offering the daily food you eat . We can also do day based poojas for specific God like,

  •  Tuesday for Murga,
  • Thursday for Sai Baba or Gayathri Amman ,
  • Friday for MahaLakshmi,
  • Saturday for Vishnu or Hanuman

Here I have mentioned some of the Pooja I do every week.

Gayathri Amman Pooja

Lakshmi Pooja


Vratas are  the special occasion which is done for certain purpose where we do fast seeking for gods blessing .

The yearly vratas which we follow are

Karadaiyan nombu

This is done by ladies who pray God for Long Life to their husband and also by spinsters to praying for good husband.

Karadaiyan Nombu