Short stories of Gods & Songs

Earlier we don’t have cartoons and cartoon characters. All good, bad , knowledge, spirituality, confidence where all brought out in us through stories.

All the stories our grandma said where about how his helped us to fight evil. What is evil ? Why God took a Avatar for it these are our bed time stories and the songs praising the lords where our lullabies

Some of them are from Tevaram, Thiruvasagam, Thiruvaimozhi  etc.,

Here I have also documented some of the famous Tevaram



Stories of various gods there stories of their birth and what they fought against where told in different stories which all give a moral in them which are as follows.

Why did Lord Ganesha got a Elephant head?

Why is Lord Ganesha being worshipped as first nd foremost god in temples and on any occasions?

Ganesha has head of a elephant since lord shiva cut of his head in anger whenganesha didn’t allow lord shiva to meet Parvathi matha while she went for a bath and asked lord ganesha to be on a look up.

After which Lord shiva sent his servamnts to bring the head of a creature who has kept his head on the vada thisai(North side). The servants returned saying there was only a elephant was sleeping in the north side so they bought elephants face which was attached to ganesha head.Then Lord Shiva blessed him that even he is a elephant headed he will be the first god who will be worshipped first on any occasions before any other god. This is how lord ganesha got a elephant head and he became the first and foremost god to be worshipped before any other gods.