What is Sloka?

Sloka is a hymn or a mantra which talks about our god which in turn brings us positivity motivation and strength to our mind and body.


Why do we say Sloka?


Sloka is that which you memorize and say which in turn increases ur memory power and ur focus . because of which you can gain confidence and moral strength that you can accomplish and succeed whatever  tasks or hurdles comes up for you on this day.

This is the scientific reason why all the hindu people start the day which saying sloka  in praise of god which in turn creates the feel in ur heart and mind that the savior of earth will stay with you on this day to face whatever comes up on this day, It is also a form of saying thanks to god for giving another day in my life and asking the strength to face the day to your best.


Each day in your life is a blessing that God gives us. So we need to be thankful to God for giving that Day and Start with chanting Slokas of God.


Here below are the Slogas of Various Gods .

Ganesha – The first son of lord shiva who is born to kill the evil mushigan and made him as his vehicle (vaganam)

Ganesha has head of a elephant since lord shiva cut of his head in anger whenganesha didn’t allow lord shiva to meet Parvathi matha while she went for a bath and asked lord ganesha to be on a look up.


Since it was mistake of lord shiva that he has got a head of elephant he was blessed as a mun muthar kadavul ( first lord of all temple) and he will be worshipped first before doing pooja for any other god or goddess


Ganesha Slokas


Muruga – The second son of Lord Shiva Who is born to kill the evil surabhathman . He is a great warrior with a combined power of lord shiva and lord parvathi


He is brought up by 6 karthigai ladies who later is worshipped as stars since they asked Parvathi matha to always watch lord muruga all the time.

Muruga Sloka


Ayyapan – The third son of Lord Shiva. He is the combines power of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in his mohini avatar.


He is brought up as a prince by the king rajashekhara in the name of manikandan , even then he left all his kingdom and went in search of the evil Mahisasura and killed him to fullfill his reason of birth


His power was identified when once the king was ill and he will be saved only the tiger’s milk said by the doctor sent by mahisasuran so that when ayyappan goes in search of tiger he will be killed was their belief. But the Lord came riding in a tiger to save king rajasekhara

He is the prince to save dharma (truth )  so he is called as Dharma sastha.

When he left his worldly life and went to attain his holy life, since king rajasekhara asked him to stay he said whatever you wish to give me, you can build me a temple at this place and keep that here  in sabari mala which is worn to lord ayyappan  on the day of mahara jyohi where he will appear as a star in the mountains of sabarimala.

Lord Ayyappan was single till he attained his holy life, so in his temple ladies who undergo menustral cycle are strictly not allowed.

Ayyappan Sloka


God who does destruction of lives. They say “adhiyum andamum ella arut perum jyothi” which means he is god who has no start and no end which means you cant measure the height of lord shiva.  There is even a story about this once lord Vishnu and lord brahma wanted to measure the power of lord shiva and so they planned to see the head and tail of lord shiva, knowing this Lord Shiva took agni rupa (Fire) where Lord Vishnu travelled to see the head of lord shiva  nd brahma to see the tail of lord shiva. But as they travelled the agni face of lord shiva grown bigger,  so they both returned back  with disappointment.  Lord shiva who got angry of their act cursed them that Vishnu will not wear his favourite thazhambu flower ever and brahma was cursed that he will not be worshipped with a idol in any temple.

Siva alone does not curse he also received a curse for not respecting vishwamithrar muni who is the greatest saint . Once vishwamithrar got a feeling that he is a greatest saint of all to whom even all gods listen so he wanted to test it so he went to lord shivas place of Kailasam and he found he and Lord Parvathi (wife of Lord Shiva) both are dancing together shivas dance of Rudrathandavam because of which he failed to notice vishwamithrar so he cursed Lord Shiva that he will not have idol of his human face rupa instead in Linga will only have Linga Rupa idol .

Siva is the god of Heaven and hell he only decides whether we go to heaven or hell considering our good deeds.

He is a powerful god  who has river ganga in his head who is one of his wife , another wife is Parvathi 0r sakthi who is the better half. Without sakthi there is no power even for lord shiva so she took a avatar as Arthanarishshwara which is half body of shiva and half body of sakthi combined in this avatar by which he considers his women as a equal part of his body.

Shivan Sloka


The God who saves all the life created on this world. He is called in different names in different places.

Vishnu Slokas

Goddesses (Sakthi, Lakshmi. Parvathi)

As I have said earlier without the goddesses even our god shiva, Vishnu or Sarawathi are said to be Powerless.

Sakthi the Wife of Lord Shiva is the Ultimate Power in this world. She is the God of Strength.

Saraswathi is the Wife of Lord Brahma is the God of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu and she is the God of Wealth and Prosperity.

The three goddesses together forms the ultimate power called Durga

These Goddesses are also worshipped and called in different names in different places.

Goddess Sloka


The greatest disciple of Lord Rama(Vishnu). He is said to be a Son of vayu (God of air). He has a face of monkey since he was born to a Monkey King and queen who did not had a kid, where a saint asked them to pray Srinivasa (Venkatachalapathi a form of Lord Vishnu) and the family was blessed with a boy Hanuman. He hold great powers unlike normal kids. He once thought sun as a laddoo and tried to eat it such powerful and a God of Strength. Whatever you pray to him in whole heart he will grant them with it. Since he is a great disciple of Rama he was blessed by Lord Rama as Chiranjeevi which mean he has no death and he will be living always to bless and serve people who believe and call him for.

Hanuman Sloka


Irrespective of Gods we have sloka to thank  and request for God blessing on  every part of the day.

Daily Sloka